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Twilight flying through a sea of stars… I really love this one.
safe1947856 artist:taytinabelle166 twilight sparkle330199 alicorn270046 pony1297851 abstract background20336 beautiful6750 chest fluff52064 cute232329 ear fluff40586 female1581033 flying46556 happy37711 high res84271 leg fluff3812 lighting498 looking down11625 mare605090 night32162 shiny eyes168 sky18706 smiling324075 solo1247427 spread wings73321 stars19550 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137373 unshorn fetlocks35058 wings169487


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Background Pony #EA60
Very nice, the lighting is really well done. Her head does look a bit derpy to me somehow, though.
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Background Pony #D49F
Wow, fantastic work on the best princess here, Twilight looks great ^^
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