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safe1946197 artist:liaaqila1232 part of a set17938 bon bon17745 lyra heartstrings31948 sweetie drops17745 earth pony350683 pony1295863 unicorn433896 fanfic:bon bon bon bon bon bon7 adorabon805 bench3125 commission94295 cute232061 eyes closed118046 fanfic art16698 female1579475 high res83933 lesbian107615 lyrabetes1595 lyrabon3703 mare603989 open mouth193138 shipping227227 sitting77076 speech bubble31015 teary eyes5542 tree40180


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(flashback to her mom telling her if you’re gay you can never be happy)
That’s when I realized I’d marry this girl

Professional Shipper
What a beautiful thing to remind her of, Lyra. Maybe one day, Bon Bon will be so thankful, she’ll marry you!!!
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