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Yes, they are alicorns<3
Nude, without wings, pijama, white panties, other characters versions you can see here.  
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suggestive165164 alternate character3422 alternate version62455 artist:xjenn9784 starlight glimmer53570 trixie72906 alicorn260724 anthro300036 unguligrade anthro55786 adorasexy11026 alicornified6302 bed47595 bedroom eyes68825 bra18335 breasts324128 butt148983 clothes533259 cute225523 dock58489 eye clipping through hair9807 eyebrows13026 eyebrows visible through hair6835 female1536511 females only14519 garter belt4373 garters3149 glimmer glutes1898 hand on thigh380 high res78787 horn105150 lace1015 lace underwear503 lesbian105623 lingerie11864 looking at you203546 looking back69337 looking back at you20728 nylon80 race swap16911 rear view16461 sexy35375 shipping222501 smiling309256 smiling at you11426 starlicorn481 startrix3308 stockings39534 stupid sexy starlight glimmer621 stupid sexy trixie437 suspenders651 tail54802 tail hole1492 the great and powerful ass1465 thigh highs45217 trixiecorn488 underwear67970 wings158426 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2541


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