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i remember having so much fun doing a redesign of twilight a while back, and i felt compelled to do a redesign of my girl rainbow dash so here she is!!  
i altered some colors and gave her a mane style that’s inspired by hawks from MHA haha and i made her look a bit more rough and edgy as opposed to the more feminine way i usually draw her, and did a complete rehaul of her cutie mark just to portray her speed and ability to produce sonic rainbooms!  
nothing too unique or different, i was just having some fun, might do the other mane 6 sometime, there’s so many fantastic redesigns on DA that i cant help but feel inspired!
safe1919182 artist:wanderingpegasus292 rainbow dash254880 pegasus382613 pony1266768 alternate cutie mark2008 alternate design3867 bandage6576 chest fluff50571 colored hooves8378 colored wings9110 ear fluff39574 eyebrows13749 goggles16081 goggles around neck2 leg wraps241 multicolored wings3682 rainbow wings747 redesign3188 simple background480680 solo1225693 tail feathers1115 unshorn fetlocks33971 wings163113


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Background Pony #DA36
I don’t usually go for the complexed-up redesigns but I can dig the rainboom cutie mark and the mussed-up manestyle.
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