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When Demons Awake became very literal, did it not? >:o
Full video for Agrol’s new animation, The Princess of Evil. Out now. >:)
semi-grimdark33107 artist:agrol805 edit154406 starlight glimmer54696 twilight sparkle330018 alicorn269669 earth pony350436 pegasus394817 pony1295239 unicorn433579 the princess of evil22 the last problem7082 :o5069 :s238 absurd file size2585 alternate hairstyle32928 angry32193 animated111616 apple18840 aweeg*391 blinking4587 blood28238 blushing234656 bondage40293 book38751 bookshelf4662 box5537 brush2316 butt170990 chewing674 clothes549420 confused5665 creepy5025 creepy smile732 cropped55556 crown24152 crying49790 crylight sparkle200 demonic77 demonic eyes53 eating11453 evil grin5389 eye contact7274 eyeroll658 eyes closed117997 falling3089 fangs32441 female1578849 fire13407 flying46477 folded wings12230 food85844 force field702 frown28006 gag17274 glowing11425 glowing horn24758 grin51541 gritted teeth16171 guardsmare1521 hairbrush554 helmet13259 hoof hold10579 hooves22292 horn112518 horn ring6665 hug33040 indoors4947 inkwell531 jewelry88499 key810 kissing28338 lidded eyes38086 looking at each other26897 looking at someone6475 looking at something3714 looking back72344 looking down11595 lying down31296 magic85133 maid6901 mare603709 mirror6342 nervous7064 nervous grin1585 nose wrinkle3471 on back29105 open mouth193023 open smile14914 outdoors15611 paper3852 plot111165 possessed2023 quill3033 raised eyebrow7763 raised hoof58607 reading7192 regalia28800 ring5030 rope13970 rope bondage5892 royal guard9340 running7009 shadow5874 show accurate22926 shrunken pupils5072 sitting77041 smiling323379 smuglight sparkle324 sound12602 spread wings73140 squee2050 standing17509 surprised11049 tail61983 tape1873 tape gag1242 tears of blood395 teeth14577 telekinesis33489 teleportation697 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137285 twilight's castle4721 underhoof60880 video1209 walking6128 wall of tags5250 wavy mouth4681 weapon36064 webm19147 wilhelm scream27 window10923 wings168966 youtube link10240


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