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I love hitch, he is the straight man to a super girly friendship circle lmao. Well, im sure he’ll come around <3

safe2087904 artist:aztrial299 artist:aztrial_online1 hitch trailblazer11335 izzy moonbow18058 pipp petals17026 sunny starscout17258 zipp storm13607 earth pony410154 pegasus457316 pony1446910 unicorn498618 g559022 my little pony: a new generation14465 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation6189 adorapipp2650 adorazipp918 blaze (coat marking)3241 cellphone7264 coat markings11425 colored wings12284 cute251914 disguise6823 excited3941 facial markings5029 fake horn1137 female1708691 floppy ears69047 grin58258 hitch trailblazer is not amused161 holding hooves2304 horn134603 izzybetes2187 looking at each other31125 male517267 mane five3376 mare683374 markings3066 mohawk1132 multicolored horn49 multicolored wings4834 open mouth218862 pale belly2540 phone11428 royal sisters (g5)2132 selfie4679 siblings18795 sisters15811 smartphone4785 smiling366447 socks (coat markings)6904 stallion176570 sunnybetes1378 unamused22635 unshorn fetlocks41675 wings200474


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Umbreon is best Pokemon!
He does seem like he doesn’t want to be there sometimes in the trailer. Come on dude you’re surrounded by cute girls! :P