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safe1899646 edit150158 edited screencap75981 editor:quoterific4991 screencap247616 twilight sparkle324603 alicorn260742 pony1247167 unicorn411362 all bottled up1545 castle mane-ia949 castle sweet castle1405 friendship is magic3276 look before you sleep1003 magical mystery cure2618 season 14063 season 23472 season 31797 season 43856 season 52710 season 61857 season 71608 season 92236 sweet and elite943 the ending of the end3483 the lost treasure of griffonstone1134 the mane attraction1261 the times they are a changeling981 three's a crowd1417 to where and back again2895 alternate hairstyle32052 best friends until the end of time194 book37670 breaking the fourth wall1103 cute225533 excited3394 eyes closed113175 female1536566 floppy ears61199 flying44541 glowing eyes12971 glowing horn23686 golden oaks library5724 grin49040 gritted teeth15356 horn105166 lying down28455 magic82620 magic aura5928 mare578126 nervous6651 nervous grin1435 night30823 one eye closed37820 open mouth183620 poster6104 prone29438 punklight sparkle807 question mark5378 raised hoof56472 smiling309282 solo1210845 spread wings69016 teeth13173 that pony sure does love books1240 thinking2246 train station493 transformation12955 twiabetes13332 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134689 twilight sparkle day32 twilight's castle4617 unicorn twilight23582 wings158439 wink28557


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