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Titled "Snusnu"
From the commissioner:
It's that time of the yeardecade… umm… century for Luna, and she gleefully hauls off Long Path to do his herd stallion duty. Path despairs of surviving the night.

An illustration for my story — "Quantum Gallop" — http://www.fimfiction.net/story/328…..quantum-gallop
suggestive148406 artist:foxenawolf471 princess luna100781 oc711845 oc:long path26 alicorn232871 earth pony265861 pony1010402 fanfic:quantum gallop43 beard3791 canon x oc26131 duo64714 ethereal mane8461 facial hair6205 fanfic art14923 levitation12563 looking back60087 magic75376 starry mane4553 telekinesis28720 this will end in snu snu507 wings123076


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