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  1. Twilight’s mother was so kind to lend Celestia baby Twily for a day
  2. This takes place after the MLP-short “Ail-icorn” (… ) and Spike brought baby Twilight to Celestia
    Either way, after about 1000 years of being too busy to have a family, Celestia can finally feel like a mommy, even if it’s just for a short while :3
safe1917160 artist:banebuster177 princess celestia103122 twilight sparkle326691 alicorn264053 pony1264908 unicorn419230 series:tiny tia116 baby11930 baby carriage66 baby pony7660 babylight sparkle422 babysitting236 blushing230738 clothes539680 cute228111 cutelestia3914 daaaaaaaaaaaw5574 dress51861 duo100328 duo female17531 eyebrows13704 eyebrows visible through hair7162 eyes closed115012 female1552847 filly80828 filly twilight sparkle2981 floating heart4309 flying45342 foalsitting71 hat103960 heart58207 momlestia1061 open mouth187183 simple background479920 spread wings70644 twiabetes13471 unicorn twilight24075 white background123367 wings162709 younger19627


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