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A little celestia doodle that I did tonight as well.
safe1972713 artist:thelunarmoon563 princess celestia105127 alicorn274666 pony1324666 bust67192 chest fluff53386 crown24985 featured image1067 female1604467 grayscale44021 jewelry91373 lidded eyes39062 mare618992 monochrome163731 peytral5106 regalia29851 sketch72896 solo1269145 traditional art131241


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Sometimes you don’t need a fancy computer, tablet and software to make something beautiful. It sure helps and lots of people do great work, dont get me wrong, but some people just need a pencil, paper, and passion
Edit: I’m sure someone’s gonna tell me that’s not paper, it’s a tablet with some “fancy software” where I will be embarrassed. All I can say is, Beautiful