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You may be happy, but are you as happy as a family of sneks sunning themselves in the early hours of the morning? :D
safe1972703 artist:badumsquish2287 derpibooru exclusive34773 luster dawn1947 sunburst8011 trixie74715 lamia2692 original species31748 pony1324651 beard4727 blaze (coat marking)2714 bush3694 coat markings9218 coils1504 crepuscular rays3936 cuddling9668 cute236506 daughter816 diatrixes3592 eyes closed120871 facial hair8196 facial markings3969 family5122 fangs33283 father689 father and child1668 father and daughter3194 female1604453 filly84906 filly luster dawn61 forest12823 glasses77473 high res86759 lamiafied560 like father like daughter117 like mother like daughter438 like parent like child560 luster dawn is trixie's and sunburst's daughter10 luster dawn is trixie's daughter12 lusterbetes155 male460301 mare618986 morning1235 mother2623 mother and child4042 mother and daughter7048 parent and child116 pigtails5677 shipping229875 show accurate23305 sleeping26760 smiling331599 snuggling7001 species swap23780 straight159679 sun8127 sunbetes347 sunburst's glasses682 tree41471 trio17680 trixburst134 trixie lulamia30


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Happy snek families cuddle :D
@Background Pony #7286  
@Clever Clovers  
More often than not they just serve as each other’s furniture :D
@Background Pony #7286  
She’s hanging onto Luster :D
@Background Pony #83F1  
@Background Pony #7286  
I imagine that Sunburst would just be happy she was dating, while Trixie would basically encourage Luster to use excessive violence if her date tried to take advantage of her XD
Don’t worry, they’re experts :D
Snugular :D
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Background Pony #7286
@Background Pony #83F1  
Honestly, I can’t see either really being the overprotective type. Both would probably be kind and supportive of their daughter pursuing a romantic relationship, albeit in their own ways. I think Sunbust would take an honest, genuine, “if you’re happy, then I’m happy” attitude towards it; while Trixie would probably give Luster various tips and advice to win her lover’s heart, most of which would probably turn out to be misguided or not directly applicable to a non-lamia lover, but genuinely good lessons would be able to be parsed from them.
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Background Pony #83F1
I wonder which parent would be overprotective once luster dawn starts to date?
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