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my problem with my homepage dj pinkie


not provided yet


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I suggest you post your art on to Ponybooru ,the function are same as here, but they seems not delete image that often.

I know but I had other problems such as admins who deleted content for me and even more so with the one who deleted some of my content, what happened on the page was still showing in statistics that it had 27 publications when many of those were already deleted then from Oh, I saw rare bugs that I obviously reported to certain admins so that they could explain to me what was happening with that
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Don’t wish to sound rude but, instead of doing that, why not just tell the people who are complaining to help tag it for you? That’s what the tagging system is Derpibooru is for, adding and removing tags as see fit as not everyone throws their life away to learn a website’s system to the exact “T”.
You didn’t have to go through this extreme just to make others “happy.”