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Happy Friendship day everyone & to our beloved Girls. As always, Friendship is Magic!! πŸ’–
safe1749255 artist:luigigamer2513 edit135810 edited screencap67171 screencap227108 applejack173154 fluttershy217130 pinkie pie220071 rainbow dash238420 rarity185468 sci-twi25201 spike80461 spike the regular dog2586 sunset shimmer64747 twilight sparkle305987 alicorn232683 dog9849 earth pony265505 pegasus308751 pony1009438 unicorn341836 castle sweet castle1351 equestria girls206763 equestria girls series34689 forgotten friendship5659 friendship games12823 magical mystery cure2445 rainbow rocks18534 rollercoaster of friendship2610 season 12490 season 31100 season 51710 the cutie mark chronicles990 friendship day21 humane five3606 humane seven2675 humane six3418 mane seven6668 mane six32544 meta16734 ponied up5302 spike the dog2679 title drop185 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126147 welcome to the show204


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