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safe1754463 artist:pia-sama1759 octavia melody24243 rainbow dash238956 spike80599 oc713602 oc:tri horn10 dragon58850 earth pony267523 pegasus310518 unicorn343856 anthro270203 comic:rogue diamond540 female1405197 grenade456 horn78247 male389145 mare503804 multiple horns403 older27890 older spike5524 ship1229 sweat27746 tricorn120


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@Background Pony #04BB  
I just realized that this is a Tango and Cash shout out! First time was a dud, second time…“FUBAR…Big time.” in the words of Kurt Russell. Hope they didn’t have to go with second one–I hope we can see Octavia again after this schirmish…
Posted Report

I hope AJ is ready whit the sniper to kill treehorn at the moment he stop using magic, so starts the questions for Octavia
Background Pony #04BB
Would be funny if the grenade was actually a dud and it was an empty threat all along.