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#mylittlepony https://t.co/lxOhgWHswR
I have no affiliation with Sirius-Face but I know he will love it.  
This is just what I’m interested to make along with the previous Supermare artworks.


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#1 Sweetie-Do-Well fan
It really looks fantastic. This design is the best I’ve seen despite that it’s just long sleeves and more gold trim. The skirt design is really nice, fits with Wonder Woman’s modern skirt design too. This is just a really great image, it’s so awesome that you took an original approach with her costume like this.
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Supermare enthusiast
Thank you!  
The suit design is a mix of Supergirl’s S:TAS suit (white suit) , Superman Man of Steel suit (streamline design on the waist and cuffs) , Mary Marvel’s Shazam: Fury of the Gods suit (skirt design) and some little touch of Superman’s Reborn suit (belt design)
I ditched the blue skirt because I think more red and some gold will fit to Applebloom’s color pallete.
I have seen some other artworks featuring Superfilly Applebloom, and most of them are using Supergirls S:TAS suit as hers to wear. I thought about redesigning Appleblooms Superfilly suit so i did it.

#1 Sweetie-Do-Well fan
OH my god this is beautiful! Did you come up with this costume design or is it based on a later Supergirl costume in the comics? I don’t recognize the gold trim from previous costumes. But the color, the texture and shading is really good. The long sleeves are so good. This is really awesome.