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Background Pony #633B
Part 2 - You used your powerful axe guitar to bust a huge hole on the wall as you see the girls surprised that you returned.
Girls. You said to se. the girls unharmed.
Anon. The girls smiled and rushed to hugged you except for Rainbow Dash who looked away and cried with guilt and regret what she caused. You went up to her to talk to her.
Rainbow, are you alright? I asked as Rainbow looked up at me and suddenly, she tackled me to the ground and hugged me as she cried on my chest.
I’m so sorry. Rainbow cried as she continued. I was such a jerk to you and I didnt even listen. And I didn’t mean to kick you out of the band. I understand you don’t forgive me. She looked away.
Dashie, I do forgive you. You said as she looked back at me. You got nothing to apologize for. It was all my fault. Simple as that. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. Or when I left you all behind.
Anon, are…are we still bros? She asked you. You pulled her in and comforted her.
Of course we are Dashie. You answered. We’ll always be no matter what. Not even a stupid fight back there will ever change it. Rainbow smiled then looked at sunset.
I told you he’ll forgive you. Sunset said. She the the other girls were more than happy that you and Rainbow Dash were now friends again.