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Rarity: “Umm…. a diaper, darling?”
Pinkie: “Yeah, it’s really thick and crinkly.”
Everyone is silent
Pinkie: excited “Want to see?”
Rest of Mane 7: “Umm….”
Cheerilee: “This isn’t class appropriate, Pinkie.”
Pinkie gets up from her seat, showing off her diaper
Pinkie: “Can you see?”
Rainbow: “Pinkie!”
Fluttershy: blushes “Oh my…”
Pinkie turns around and bends over on her chair
Sunset and Twilight: “Stop!”
Derpy: “Hey, I’m wearing the same diaper too.”
She puts her butt to her screen
Derpy: “See?”
Applejack: “Derpy, you aren’t on screen. We also… ah don’t want to see it.”

Part two. One of the few times I’ve used a real-life diaper for an image.
suggestive161970 alternate version60800 artist:thunderdasher07133 part of a set16317 applejack182097 blueberry cake805 cheerilee10500 derpy hooves52649 dj pon-330808 flash sentry13914 fluttershy229354 lyra heartstrings31292 pinkie pie231134 rainbow dash251086 rarity196178 rose heart689 sci-twi27623 sunset shimmer69379 twilight sparkle321982 vinyl scratch30808 equestria girls223816 equestria girls series37447 applejack's bedroom41 bed46834 blushing224081 bookshelf4379 bow34208 chair7828 chatroom9 classroom1832 computer chair39 couch9797 curtains2947 diaper14676 diaper fetish9341 fanfic in the description199 fetish45649 fluttershy's bedroom76 geode of empathy3517 geode of shielding2667 geode of super speed2953 geode of super strength2689 geode of telekinesis3402 hair bow18907 high res76193 humane five4603 humane six4362 lamp3140 magical geodes10795 pinkie pie's bedroom (equestria girls)19 rainbow dash's bedroom243 rarity's bedroom275 smiling302261 social distancing78 standing16495 sunset's apartment410 twilight's bedroom65 voicechat1 webcam220 window10236


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Background Pony #C52F
Could you draw EG Pinkie Pie in her full-worn diaper? like that Baby Cakes scene. But with her lifting her skirt up infront, use that same diaper design shown at the top link here & the template below:
EG Diaper Pinkie Pie
MLP Diaper Pinkie Pie
I’d be interested in seeing that too, Maybe a diaper that’s a bit thicker and has more plastic, With an alternate pee version.