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Full Resolution Leotard Version

My latest commission from my pal LadyKraken
suggestive148412 alternate version49807 artist:ladykraken68 rarity185590 sunset shimmer64775 tempest shadow17016 equestria girls207044 absurd resolution67009 action pose1199 advertisement9025 akira68 atari78 billboard193 boobs and butt pose465 boots22934 breasts288711 bunset shimmer1805 busty sunset shimmer5673 butt65921 car6223 choker12926 city4395 clothes475999 commission73071 commissioner:branagain281 covering4031 covering breasts455 cowboy boots1597 cutie mark49706 cutie mark accessory521 cyberpunk1600 dimples of venus324 gun16339 high heel boots5883 high heels11782 highway89 hologram328 implied discord356 implied spike785 leotard4720 moon24101 motorcycle1189 neon997 night27354 nuka cola153 outdoors11615 panties51502 road891 sexy30697 shoes38744 shooting521 sideboob10805 skyscraper277 sticker1600 stupid sexy sunset shimmer940 submachinegun354 sunglasses15045 thong6214 thong leotard312 underwear62508 weapon31432


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Background Pony #184A
I bet Sunset is a superhero in that artwork! She would have a grappling gun to swing, zip, catch bad guys, and save people! GO SUNSET GOOOO!!!