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The splash screen for My Little Pony: Magic Princess (Android) version 6.8 quick update 1, extracted from the game files using Celestia's ARK.
safe1749255 applejack173154 cactus rose43 crystal (character)43 dust devil (idw)40 fluttershy217130 marini48 medley brook48 pinkie pie220071 prince abraxas8 rainbow dash238419 rarity185468 twilight sparkle305987 abada62 alicorn232683 earth pony265505 kelpie693 pegasus308749 pony1009436 unicorn341837 zebra18361 idw15459 official9233 applejack's hat8353 cactus611 cowboy hat17096 desert1622 farasian shores1 female1400822 gameloft4893 hat90190 loading screen268 mane six32544 mare501653 my little pony logo4326 nonbinary483 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126147 video game5013


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