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look what i made https://t.co/dDKccRcDwj
safe1750529 artist:103purgatory1 twilight sparkle306104 alicorn232897 bird8775 blue jay334 pony1010587 anthro269572 aeroplanes and meteor showers129 beak1051 blood25246 crossover63813 crossover shipping3245 eyes closed98073 female1401881 folded wings6558 horn77617 male388029 mare502196 meme83383 mordecai618 mordetwi368 my chemical romance171 ponified42003 ponified album cover450 redraw mordetwi meme99 regular show864 shipping205662 song reference3531 straight140323 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126196 wings123119


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Background Pony #8143
Exactly. Usually stupidity follows with meme creation all the time depending on how funny or dull the meme is and boy is this one of them. I'm aware of the silliness of random memes coming into place, but looking for where it started helps more to have a better understanding of it.