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Originally posted on: July 17, 2020, 1:12 PM UTC  
What does it mean?
Base belongs to: *LanternOmega
Base belongs to: Budgie–Boye
**Background belongs to: BonesWolbach
Applejack belongs to: Hasbro (2009) Icon
Trenderhoof belongs to: Hasbro (2009) Icon
“My little pony: friendship is magic” belongs to: HasbroHasbro (2009) Icon
My AUpink heart {big}
Сharacters depicted on art:
Trenderhoof Trenderhoof 2
*Apple Charm (My OC) = Applebloom (cute eye) plz +Tender Taps Icon **
Girls, this is too much! - The red-haired filly glared at her daughter and niece, who were admiring the levitating rainbow Apple. The young unicorn squeezed her eyes shut with pleasure and bit into another Apple. - Dear, look what these robbers have done!
I’m sorry, mother. - culprit said timidly as their father approached . – I…we found our family’s recipe book, and I wanted to surprise you, but Apple Charm suggested that try the ingredients before you cook them, to make sure it would be really delicious in the end.*
safe1754678 artist:magicstarshine1224 applejack173593 trenderhoof875 oc713738 earth pony267585 pony1014246 baby10711 baby pony6820 base used21881 book34630 eating9975 female1405317 glasses64939 glowing horn20621 hat90670 horn78280 indoors3452 magic75568 male389196 mare503884 offspring40996 parent:applejack4143 parent:trenderhoof269 parents:trenderjack105 raised hoof48582 stallion116242 telekinesis28811


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