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Princess Celestia loves to fart. It's rather unprincesslike but she can't help it. She finds farts to be funny and she finds it fun to do. Here she's farting in a sporty outfit and stinking it up, much to her amusement. (She can be quite gassy when other ponies besides Luna aren't around)
safe1749850 artist:thedarkpony255 edit135845 edited screencap67182 screencap227208 princess celestia96733 alicorn232789 pony1009954 horse play936 clothes475739 compression shorts1328 fart2283 fart edit116 fart noise729 female1401311 mare501888 onomatopoeia4572 shorts14539 sound effects2255


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The Dark Pony

@Background Pony #1604
Me being into this of course I like to think Celestia finds it funny and fun to fart, unlike Twilight. (But I do like to fantasize about Twilight having fun with it too, and maybe she does when no one's around. Even Rarity and Fluttershy. Of course Rainbow and Pinkie I could legitimately see having farting contests)
The Dark Pony

@Background Pony #B1D3
She does eat a lot of beans and certainly doesn't mind what comes afterwards.

@Background Pony #25F0
Rainbow Dash not surprised?

Well I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she really did find it fun to fart, or at the least found it funny. There's just something about her and her playful side that makes it easy to imagine her laughing at it rather than being offended if someone else farted or embarrassed if she did. (Twilight we already know is unamused) I bet Rainbow and Pinkie would have fun with her in this way, if they weren't too nervous about farting in front of a princess even if she loved to fart as much as they did.
Background Pony #25F0
(Twilight) … Wow princess I didn't know you love to fart
(Rainbow dash) I'm not surprised
(Fluttershy) huh?
(Pinkie pie) hehe well ok
(Rarity) well then