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safe1753052 artist:pia-sama1758 octavia melody24236 rainbow dash238843 spike80575 oc713082 oc:tri horn10 dragon58807 earth pony266927 pegasus310060 unicorn343314 anthro270019 comic:rogue diamond539 censored3950 censored vulgarity494 female1404065 grenade456 horn78046 male388782 mare503294 monster2339 multiple horns402 older27857 older spike5520 tricorn119


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I was always taught that strangling someone to death was easier if you concentrated your pressure on the veins on either side of the esophagus. About 20 seconds into that and you can get them unconscious which makes crushing them further easier. When they aren’t all wriggling about and wasting everyone’s time, it’s easier to crush the wind pipe and make sure they can’t breath again.
A garrote wire like she was using though should either be thin enough to sever the windpipe, or strong enough to constrict more like a snake.
Considering no blood, I’m going to go with the second. Especially as she was literally pulling her body weight with it around he neck. If she was heavier, it could have given her an internal decapitation by breaking the spine in the neck.
Since RD isn’t dead and woke up maybe a minute or two later, Olivia didn’t want her dead.
Debate club in high school had all kinds of fun topics.
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That's him, officer
Props to Rainbow Dash for the hostage situation. This definitely makes up for her little debacle with the guns earlier.

Honestly i thought that RD was saying that comment at Spike, but better vire of the image and context shows otherwise…I think my thoughts sometime show up before the sense…hands/mouth are faster than the brain…

Crotchboobs addict
Well, (spoiler alert: this is going to be quite the nerdy post) it’s almost impossible to strangle someone to death. After passing out from oxygen deprivation, the body automatically spasms to make your lungs expand, hence you have to physically crush the trachea in order to succeed…
Alas, this is a fanmade comic with anime logic, the plot armor needs no explanations
Background Pony #2B0B
Did she just fake her death so Spike other side can come out. Also she have a bomb in her hand.