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“G5 Girls with Glasses”
Sorry for the tremendous delay in art. This particular piece kicked the ever living rice outa me with an art block from Tartarus.
Though to be fair, I’ve also gone back to my passionate creator roots and started writing a fantasy anthro novel. It’s possible the next month or so I’ll be extremely slow with pony art as I continue ironing that out.
safe1970939 artist:chopsticks675 izzy moonbow13971 pipp petals12015 sunny starscout12769 zipp storm9424 earth pony361134 pegasus406326 pony1322624 unicorn446065 g540819 :o5271 adorapipp1925 balancing1232 book39302 braces1605 chest fluff53273 cute236090 ear fluff41605 eyebrows15323 eyebrows visible through hair7799 female1602584 glasses77367 grin52952 high res86657 izzybetes1804 jewelry91212 mare617972 open mouth197623 open smile16499 pencil4337 ponies balancing stuff on their nose255 regalia29803 sheet music173 shipper on deck1543 smiling331005 sunnybetes1083 text75922


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I like how professional Izzy looks, if only Dashie could have that level of professionalism. And how eloquent Pipp is looking. I have a feeling she will have a few traits of Rarity like wanting to be in the spotlight and perhaps being more girly and high class.
I’m also curious, what is that anthro novel?
Background Pony #EDF1
This is great sunny writes fan fics and is balancing a pencil on her muzzle pipp is being harry potter and izzy what the buck is a crapbook XD
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