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I was listening to “Man’s Road” from The Last Unicorn and, of course, caught some feelings. I wanted to capture that feeling of an ancient soul somberly wandering through a world that has, for better or worse, forgotten her, and this piece is the result!

TLDR; may or may not be a big fan of Twilight and her relationship w/ equestria, magic, and so on if’n you can’t tell. ^^

art belongs to @uniiiqueart
Twilight Sparkle &. MLP:FiM belong to HASBRO / LAUREN FAUST
safe1749839 artist:uniiiqueart3 twilight sparkle306047 alicorn232787 pony1009945 the last problem6080 cloud32064 cloudy6151 colored wings6528 female1401305 folded wings6530 horn77491 mare501888 moon24094 multicolored wings2943 night27340 older27785 older twilight1865 princess twilight 2.02540 solo1093976 stars16276 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126178 walking4936 wings122975


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