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facesit time I mean spell practice time
suggestive148270 artist:blitzyflair115 princess celestia96713 twilight sparkle305987 alicorn232683 pony1009442 blushing204427 both cutie marks10779 butt65725 dialogue67904 dock52020 drool25646 eyes on the prize5562 female1400828 female pov763 imminent facesitting175 mare501655 offscreen character35703 offscreen female50 open mouth154016 peytral3771 plot82043 pov14495 praise the sun2087 question1201 rear view12772 salivating1818 shrunken pupils3365 speech bubble24393 sunbutt4205 the ass was fat14238 tongue out108132 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126147 wide hips18250


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