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3D Printed Lithophane Nightlamps

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safe1749116 artist:musicfirewind255 rainbow dash238396 pegasus308698 pony1009317 :<1083 colored wings6520 colored wingtips1702 cute205529 dashabetes9632 female1400670 frown23542 hoof hold8599 mare501600 single panel406 sitting65513 soda1627 solo1093511 vaporwave324 vending machine221 waiting244 white pupils172 wide eyes17372


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Background Pony #C416

Looks like a solid pane to me, and I'm pretty sure those are rocks on the ground.

@Background Pony #B5B7

Eh, maybe a quarter of them are, but the rest ain't like no pride flags I've ever seen. They're generally just the sort of patterns reminiscent of the late 20th century, in keeping with the A E S T H E T I C and fused with the pony style, including the softer technicolor palette you might expect from a pride flag.