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This artwork was made as part of an art pack which came out a week ago.  
Artpack link (Warning: LOTS of NSFW): >>2658923
Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples  
44 lights used in this scene (2 volumetric)
Models used:  
safe1945632 artist:imafutureguitarhero405 fluttershy235768 bird11227 butterfly8328 pegasus394873 anthro309845 unguligrade anthro57318 art pack:summer booty37 3d99479 absurd resolution70697 alternate hairstyle32933 belly button94037 black bars315 blushing234672 cheek fluff7684 chromatic aberration1762 clothes549482 colored eyebrows468 colored eyelashes665 crossed legs4055 cute231851 cute little fangs2691 daaaaaaaaaaaw5681 ear fluff40497 ear piercing34752 earring26670 fangs32453 female1578986 film grain355 floppy ears63468 fluffy16588 forest12555 grass12370 hair over one eye10980 headband4513 hippieshy111 jeans5259 jewelry88516 letterboxing170 mare603766 outdoors15613 pants18380 piercing52294 revamped anthros1128 revamped ponies512 shorts16864 shoulder fluff2487 shyabetes16668 signature34184 sitting77051 sitting on ground12 smiling323430 solo1245725 source filmmaker58191 tanktop9407 tree40158 wall of tags5250 wings168992


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