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So I wanted to draw some ponies I hadn’t before so I present to you a young adult Princess Flurry Heart and Cozy Glow.
Quite cruel for Cozy to use a Phoenix feather on such adorable soles. Every teeny-tiny wiggling stroke will magically heal and make Flurry’s soles more soft, more pampered and more sensitive. >:3
Cozy doesn’t even want anything out of Flurry except for her squeals of laughter. What a cruel villain!
suggestive148430 artist:caroo789 cozy glow7738 princess flurry heart7509 alicorn233184 pegasus309866 anthro269923 plantigrade anthro34699 alternate hairstyle29113 barefoot28573 bed42408 bedroom10958 blanket5531 blushing204948 bondage34944 bound wings3693 bow30025 breasts289113 clothes476615 cozyheart61 dialogue68133 erotic tickling979 feather6279 feet41650 female1403611 femsub11049 fetish41697 foot fetish8125 foot focus2831 hair bow16410 horn77941 horn ring5837 imminent tickles163 jeans4352 lesbian99374 magic suppression4067 midriff19867 older27854 older cozy glow355 older flurry heart1587 open mouth154823 pants15350 phoenix feather11 pillow18683 ring3671 rope11867 rope bondage4234 shipping205914 shirt26231 soles4534 stocks1215 straps777 submissive17156 t-shirt4672 tickle fetish1789 tickle torture2469 tickling4764 wings123499


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