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safe1752984 dazzle feather9 izzy moonbow3449 pipp petals2221 queen haven97 ruddy sparks6 shutter snap8 sunny starscout2945 zipp storm1397 zoom zephyrwing102 earth pony266900 pegasus310036 pony1012698 unicorn343285 g57413 my little pony: a new generation2093 official9280 female1404027 mare503267 simple background409963 toy22476 white background102690


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Background Pony #EB16
@Background Pony #24FF  
No. There is no indication of that. Pipp is still the only one with the fluffy type of wings. They only have other types because these are Pipp Petals recolors. You can see their real wings on the drawing of the advent calendar. They have Zipp’s type of wings.
Background Pony #0220
How showbiz-focused is this movie?
Pipp is a Pop Star/Princess. Makes sense that some showbiz ponies would show up when the group travels to Zephyr Heights.
Also we now have a name of the blue guard from the famous tennis ball image.