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safe1749087 artist:bobthedalek952 luster dawn1648 starlight glimmer49757 pony1009300 unicorn341755 angry28035 balloon10416 bart's comet1 big butt skinner6 butt65681 clothes475370 daughters gonna daughter9 female1400647 funny4228 funny as hell506 glimmer glutes1616 headmare starlight92 implied trixie321 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter94 mare501593 mother and child2635 mother and daughter6083 older27771 older starlight glimmer193 plot82026 prank1487 sign4120 simpsons did it412 smug6254 starlight is not amused345 sweater14895 the simpsons1871 this will end in detention74 this will end in gulag75 unamused16735 weather balloon8


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Needs more Starburst
I don’t know Starlight, maybe if you turn around to see your smirking daughter standing behind you, you might find your answer.
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I like that Starlight, rather than suspecting her daughter or any of the hundreds of other students that she teaches, immediately suspects Trixie of being at fault here.