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Fluttershy Coco Pommel and Marble Pie made some mess after painting
Commission is open, here’s for more info
Don’t forget to join to my Discord Group
safe1946576 artist:cyanlightning1128 coco pommel6624 fluttershy235845 marble pie7418 earth pony350910 pegasus395259 pony1296359 .svg available9425 absurd resolution70714 cocobetes780 cute232111 ear fluff40533 female1579789 filly83018 marblebetes725 mouth hold20830 paint2260 paint bucket103 paintbrush1991 shyabetes16691 simple background490714 sitting77096 the council of shy ponies89 transparent background243276 trio15950 trio female3530 vector83444 weapons-grade cute4234 young1813 younger19968


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