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Uploaded by Background Pony #F2AC
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#MLP A Patreon reward for @HaefenZebra. They wanted an #Anthro #TwilightSparkle a few years after ascending to the throne. She hasn’t had the alicorn growth spurt, but she’s filled out a bit. Now she’s enjoying a much coveted day off.
https://t.co/1zX9uoa5qP https://t.co/CofAfafEhY
safe1752363 artist:baron engel2081 twilight sparkle306393 alicorn233178 anthro269904 unguligrade anthro50304 book34592 clothes476580 coffee cup340 colored hooves6389 cup6504 digital art20190 female1403515 grayscale39317 looking at you175969 monochrome152363 oversized clothes333 oversized shirt95 pencil drawing8386 shirt26228 simple background409784 sketch64595 solo1095591 that pony sure does love books1170 traditional art120392 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126268 white background102649


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