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more appledash doodles + a fanon kid idea for a warm up :D
safe1752704 artist:cass_a_rollie2 applejack173462 rainbow dash238819 oc712956 oc:zap apple71 earth pony266785 pegasus309931 pony1012480 the last problem6098 alternate clothes1715 appledash6502 badge1344 bandana5522 blank flank7714 blouse616 blushing204973 boop7607 braided tail1224 butt66179 clothes476668 cloud32150 dialogue68137 digital art20192 eye clipping through hair6456 eyebrows6552 eyebrows visible through hair3263 eyes closed98329 falling leaves81 female1403768 filly69782 floating4124 flying39476 foal15757 folded wings6604 freckles30172 granny smith's shawl198 grass10163 hair bun3519 hat90529 heart50099 high res33030 hoof touching22 hug29169 jacket13174 lesbian99377 looking back60188 magical lesbian spawn12680 mare503157 midair188 multicolored mane1694 multicolored tail1292 offspring40949 older27856 older applejack788 older rainbow dash877 open mouth154852 open smile2282 parent:applejack4137 parent:rainbow dash6010 parents:appledash429 pegasus oc13192 ponytail18907 raised hoof48500 shipping205933 shirt26239 short hair2038 side by side134 simple background409894 sky15010 smiling261696 spread wings57198 standing12932 sweater14940 touching hooves32 trio9793 trio female2025 turtleneck1511 unshorn fetlocks27266 vignette104 wall of tags3673 white background102678 winghug2987 wings123536


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*Meme-ing Intensifies*
I learned about punnett squares and how certain genes are more prominent than others. While a green coat seems less common in the apple family, it’s not impossible. I love this. :3
Background Pony #0375
@The Smiling Pony  
Ah, that’d do it. You have to wonder what loopy turn of events would have to transpire for LD to be the parent of one of Dash’s kids. But, mistakes into miracles.