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Friendship prevail via the stories we share
A collab we did together….i did da drawing and she did da coloring ^^
safe1974574 artist:auroracursed99 artist:liaaqila1234 applejack188010 fluttershy238527 hitch trailblazer8097 izzy moonbow14087 pinkie pie238840 pipp petals12111 rainbow dash259662 rarity203392 sunny starscout12858 twilight sparkle333307 zipp storm9503 alicorn275028 earth pony362830 pegasus408115 pony1326969 unicorn447887 g541201 my little pony: a new generation13871 adorapipp1970 adorazipp654 bed50184 blanket6646 blaze (coat marking)2716 book39372 book of harmony150 bracelet12787 braid7941 coat markings9245 collaboration6311 cuddle puddle354 cuddling9678 cute236810 eyes closed121044 facial markings3979 featured image1068 female1606132 floppy ears64634 friendship journal195 heart61469 hitchbetes370 izzybetes1821 jewelry91571 light1924 male460892 mane five (g5)2478 mane six35359 mare619799 mouth hold21261 night32926 pale belly1909 pony pile887 sleeping26792 smiling332154 snuggling7004 socks (coat markings)5431 stallion150729 sunnybetes1092 sweet dreams fuel1886 tiny1699 tiny ponies1753 toy23982 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138735 unshorn fetlocks36495 wall of tags5430 weapons-grade cute4306


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I can imagine they became fugitives from the law. And despite all the hardships, they’ve become true friends and one could even say a family. Hitch is there to protect his friends from any danger.
Sunnt might be the dreamer and the heart of the group, but Hitch is the guardian who keeps them safe and makes sure they avoid trouble.
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The cuteness of when Hitch comforting all his 4 girlfriends is so much!!
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Very cute pic.  
Also, it currently has an overall score of “1234”, which I thought was funny.
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