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safe1750368 artist:sirzi343 smolder8235 spike80496 dragon58719 clothes475947 cute205687 dragoness8997 duo64716 eyes closed98051 fangs26686 female1401763 floating4120 lilypad284 male387982 one-piece swimsuit4685 relaxation11 shipping205650 smolderbetes1191 spikabetes2086 spolder384 straight140316 swimming trunks633 swimsuit29630 water14250


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I can't help but this picture makes me wonder if Smolder's swimsuit would be magically lava resistant than how it would look like after a swimming in a lava pool.I guess it could be differently "wet".

Sweet Celestia, this is so well detailed. :O You even marked where Smolder's swimsuit and Spike's swim trunks are wet and where are they still dry.
It's hard to see these mutch well-detailed swimming pictures.