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Sweetie Belle and Button Mash go on a Minecraft Adventure. And probably fall into lava or something. =w=”
safe1918631 artist:symbianl435 button mash4412 sweetie belle52450 earth pony338429 pony1266293 unicorn419991 don't mine at night181 :35494 chest fluff50554 colt17328 crossover67761 cute228304 diamond pickaxe81 diasweetes3290 ear fluff39563 female1554135 filly80902 foal25459 glowing10483 glowing horn24227 hoof fluff2486 horn108612 magic83703 male441551 minecraft2835 mouth hold20473 pickaxe671 raised hoof57304 shipping224676 straight155108 sweat32076 sweetiemash664 sword13149 symbianl is trying to murder us50 weapon35404 weapons-grade cute4187


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button: weaker gear but smarter with more experience under his belt  
Sweetie: better gear but very very careless she needs to understand that 1 you need to stay on guard and 2 diamond gear does not make you invincible
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