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Twilight rising to the occasion, literally. :)
Done for more shading and extrapolating practice. I did put that belly button there on purpose, though. Because I love them. :3
Based on >>1936677 and >>2269790.
Edit 7/8/21, 10 minutes after upload: Fixed horn clipping error.
Clenched teeth palindromer (414). :D
safe1920293 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan457 derpibooru exclusive32889 twilight sparkle326984 alicorn264595 pony1267730 my little pony: the movie20444 .svg available9321 absurd resolution70416 angry31599 belly button92571 blue1388 blue light17 crepuscular rays3831 flying45447 frog (hoof)16788 glowing10529 gradient background16290 gritted teeth15687 heart58326 heart hoof800 highlights704 horn108790 mane2479 movie accurate1536 nc-tv signature51 reaching731 signature33379 solo1226341 spread wings70871 straining229 stretching2680 striped mane307 striped tail112 svg4190 tail58188 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135775 underhoof60012 vector82783 windswept mane3138 windswept tail198 wings163244


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