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Part 2 of the drawings printed on my new notebook, here is some of my drawings with my OC ;w;
safe1950043 artist:karadeg262 derpibooru exclusive33953 applejack186569 bon bon17757 cheerilee10676 derpy hooves53722 fluttershy236135 hitch trailblazer7521 izzy moonbow12928 lyra heartstrings31969 pinkie pie236952 pipp petals10984 princess cadance36441 princess celestia104298 princess luna108452 queen chrysalis38754 rainbow dash257492 rarity201517 starlight glimmer54811 sunny starscout12039 sunset shimmer71668 sweetie drops17756 trixie74084 twilight sparkle330406 zipp storm8715 oc825477 oc:karadeg117 alicorn270520 equestria girls231288 g537415 comic122659 crossover68418 daydream shimmer969 disney3939 dragon ball3136 dragon ball super486 kingdom hearts1139 midnight sparkle2805 rainbow power3006 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137500 ultra instinct80


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