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Edit of >>2646256 to have EqG-style skintone.

Made with permission. All credit to the original artist, please support them on Patreon if you are able.
suggestive148404 artist:tzc457 color edit7783 edit135895 editor:drakeyc96 fluttershy217234 equestria girls206996 equestria girls series34779 forgotten friendship5662 absolute cleavage3647 bedroom eyes61362 belly button81248 big breasts86009 blushing204624 breasts288684 busty fluttershy17913 cleavage35636 clothes475945 colored19862 equestria girls edit45 eyebrows6438 eyebrows visible through hair3197 female1401745 geode of fauna2046 looking at you175671 magical geodes9703 ocean7262 skin color edit172 smiling260875 smiling at you5201 solo1094297 solo female183675 stupid sexy fluttershy1115 wet8413 wetsuit829


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