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It seems that Princess Luna has been badly influenced by her sister and took up the habit of snacking when she shouldn’t!
edit: To anyone that might actually read the descriptions of posts lol, I want to ask you something:  
Are you interested on me opening up commissions? I’ve made a post on Twitter (my most followed account) and not a lot of people have actually answered (only 2 of the 730 people that follow me). Usually my pony artwork has a lot more traction on Derpi, so I would like to ask everyone here if they are interested on that. Thank you.
safe1974682 artist:nire264 princess luna109367 alicorn275066 pony1327109 butt180110 crown25060 donut2520 eating11740 eyes closed121059 eyeshadow22713 folded wings12997 food87935 high res86884 hoof shoes7581 horn117767 jewelry91585 lying down33067 magic86661 magic aura6848 makeup31106 moonbutt4295 open mouth198368 plot116645 prone30885 regalia29940 smiling332194 solo1270873 wings175790


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