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safe1971505 artist:xjenn9858 twilight sparkle332896 alicorn274430 pony1323347 blushing238636 butt178984 cellphone6295 female1603189 flower32794 glowing horn25485 high res86685 hock fluff152 horn117251 lilac (flower)16 looking at you217058 looking back74065 looking back at you23232 magic86475 magic aura6782 mare618268 open mouth197762 open smile16535 phone10021 plot115142 rear view18161 rose4689 russia1167 smartphone4078 smiling331195 smiling at you14133 solo1268345 spread wings75416 telekinesis34239 twibutt7425 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138553 wings175028


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