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Trixie is a Transgender Bisexual Mare! Yes queen!
If your confused,  
A little while ago on twitter, more behind the scenes from mlp were released and in one of the scripts it was shown that Trixie was originally going to be a stallion, even in Lauren Faust’s early concept art Trixie had short hair!  
Ever since that info came out I have seen countless fanart of trans Trixie and at first I really didn’t care for this headcanon but as you can see, it eventually grew on me.
So I’m lead to think that Trixie transitioned when she was very young. And we’ve seen in the show that genderbending spells are a thing! So hey why not?
It’s okay if you don’t agree with my headcanon, but can we agree that Trixie is a lovable b*tch? I’d say so lol
<3 :iconbellbell123:
safe1974501 artist:bellbell123136 trixie74772 pony1326911 unicorn447856 bisexual pride flag791 bisexuality166 clothes560486 comments locked down378 face paint1137 female1606085 graveyard of comments243 grin53114 headband4652 headcanon2671 high res86873 lgbt headcanon352 looking at you217732 mare619784 one eye closed39992 pride3086 pride flag2764 smiling332130 socks82039 solo1270719 striped socks25350 tanktop9570 trans female1211 trans trixie173 transgender2766 transgender pride flag817 vest4752 wink29687


Background Pony #806D
Also, Lauren says that one character from season 1 is trans.  
Obviously is a reference to Trixie.