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safe1750412 edit135895 edited screencap67220 editor:flutteriaeth24 screencap227302 pinkie pie220145 sci-twi25221 spike80496 spike the regular dog2586 twilight sparkle306089 dog9857 dance magic1625 eqg summertime shorts3186 equestria girls207002 equestria girls (movie)7580 equestria girls series34779 friendship games12828 friendship through the ages508 good vibes326 holidays unwrapped2267 legend of everfree8112 mad twience200 o come all ye squashful285 perfect day for fun213 rainbow rocks18536 rollercoaster of friendship2610 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14929 spoiler:eqg specials5466 book34501 clothes475962 cute205689 cutie mark49699 cutie mark on clothes3205 dance magic (song)83 eyes closed98052 female1401788 glasses64581 legend you were meant to be50 lockers1802 male387992 microphone5323 midnight sparkle2567 ponied up5302 ponytail18764 rainbow rocks outfit189 sci-twiabetes12 smiling260905 twiabetes12264 welcome to the show204


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