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Applejack is already used to Rarity admiring her muscles, Dash on the other hand…  
This is just a dumb little idea that came to my mind and I drew instead of finishing all the other WIPs I got lol
suggestive161994 artist:nire201 applejack182112 rainbow dash251106 rarity196200 twilight sparkle322005 alicorn256585 earth pony320987 pegasus364119 unicorn401425 anthro295515 ...2625 :t4084 abs12859 adonis belt166 applebucking thighs2263 applejacked1356 belly button89702 belt7035 biceps1772 big breasts97456 blushing224118 blushing profusely2547 breasts318895 busty applejack11759 busty rarity14677 busty twilight sparkle13645 cleavage38682 clothes524602 curvy7765 daisy dukes1541 denim shorts820 embarrassed12764 equestria girls outfit2542 eyelashes19568 eyes closed110797 eyeshadow20059 female1516167 floppy ears60058 flustered437 front knot midriff1492 hamstrings34 heart eyes20674 high res76210 horn101132 hourglass figure1972 lesbian104409 makeup27628 midriff20774 miniskirt5234 muscles14459 muscular female2678 pants17341 ponytail21169 quadriceps75 rainbuff dash942 rarijack7518 sexy34722 shipping219982 shorts16115 skirt45273 sports bra4068 sports shorts1361 steam2293 stupid sexy applejack807 stupid sexy rainbow dash3467 thighlight sparkle630 thighs18905 thunder thighs10760 twidash5513 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133515 unbuttoned295 wavy mouth4360 wide hips21533 wingding eyes27424 wings152852 workout outfit850 worship379


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That’s probably the biggest wall of tags a post of mine ever received lol
I’m glad you guys liked it! I also liked how it came out looking a lot