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i just changed it a little bit to be sfw  
editor: https://derpibooru.org/profiles/Celina
safe1921629 artist:arjinmoon160 edit152201 editor:celina5 princess luna107375 alicorn264876 pony1268968 bipedal42451 blushing231323 both cutie marks12229 butt163813 chest fluff50672 cute228714 dock59563 ear fluff39650 ethereal mane10230 feathered wings1447 featureless crotch7862 female1556654 fluffy16256 frog (hoof)16812 horn108992 leg fluff3717 looking at you207723 looking back70834 looking back at you21565 mare589350 moonbutt4119 raised hoof57415 sfw edit260 smiling316064 solo1227265 spread wings70948 standing17090 underhoof60059 wings163455


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