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After watching Forgotten Friendship I just had to draw Sunset in the bikini because it just looks so good
Definitely gonna draw more out of that special, it has to be my favourite so far
suggestive145284 artist:nire141 sunset shimmer63763 equestria girls202901 equestria girls series33569 forgotten friendship5487 abs11350 beach15317 biceps1513 bikini18478 breasts282655 busty sunset shimmer5549 clothes466361 female1379344 grin39500 high res30971 muscles12544 sideboob10598 smiling253735 solo1076625 solo female181271 summer sunset227 sunset lifter177 swimsuit28808


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Brony kaiju soldier

Give gamers some credit; the guys on my favorite channel keep themselves in good shape. Plus, I’m a gamer who gets his workout lifting heavy bags of animal feed and hay all day, plus I’m starting to take up biking.
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