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safe1917217 artist:saturdaymorningproj576 applejack184645 fluttershy233083 pinkie pie234419 rainbow dash254771 rarity199184 spike85779 thorax4951 twilight sparkle326705 alicorn264063 changedling10048 changeling56442 dragon68242 earth pony337918 pegasus381878 pony1264945 unicorn419251 the last problem6955 clothes539705 confetti2233 dress51864 eyes closed115022 eyeshadow21116 female1552903 gigachad spike1115 horn108400 horn ring6552 in which pinkie pie forgets how to gravity150 jewelry85822 king thorax3447 lidded eyes37030 makeup28975 male441095 mane seven7214 mane six34645 mare587177 marriage1535 older32788 older applejack886 older fluttershy865 older mane seven282 older mane six425 older pinkie pie842 older rainbow dash1035 older rarity845 older spike7625 older twilight2472 pinkie being pinkie1508 pinkie physics500 princess twilight 2.03064 regalia27637 ring4843 shipping224579 skunk stripe385 sparity7550 straight155019 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135672 wedding1663 wedding dress2198 wedding ring968 wedding veil471


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That’s beautiful. I headcanon one day Spike will be hers. And then they’ll have beautiful dracony babies
Also I see you crying there Rainbow. All of us can be a little sappy.
True. They did look at each other in the final song though, so I think that’s the writers way if saying “there is no wrong way to fantascize.”