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safe2119994 artist:saturdaymorningproj604 applejack196295 fluttershy252222 pinkie pie250152 rainbow dash273026 rarity213045 spike90729 thorax5375 twilight sparkle350019 alicorn303142 changedling11198 changeling63935 dragon81458 earth pony424177 pegasus472621 pony1548928 unicorn513352 g41934347 the last problem7839 clothes612353 confetti2549 dress59548 eyes closed133856 eyeshadow27787 female1746298 gigachad spike1240 horn173294 horn ring7413 in which pinkie pie forgets how to gravity161 jewelry107273 king thorax3687 lidded eyes45271 makeup37584 male530099 mane seven7707 mane six36846 mare708060 marriage1807 older37818 older applejack1042 older fluttershy1041 older mane seven306 older mane six476 older pinkie pie974 older rainbow dash1252 older rarity989 older spike8721 older twilight3203 pinkie being pinkie1681 pinkie physics537 princess twilight 2.03658 regalia34850 ring6366 ship:sparity8032 shipping246090 skunk stripe411 straight172518 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146124 wedding1906 wedding dress2565 wedding ring1122 wedding veil605


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That’s beautiful. I headcanon one day Spike will be hers. And then they’ll have beautiful dracony babies
Also I see you crying there Rainbow. All of us can be a little sappy.
True. They did look at each other in the final song though, so I think that’s the writers way if saying “there is no wrong way to fantascize.”