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safe1724449 artist:scarlet-spectrum1057 princess celestia95722 alicorn227971 pony984748 g41568 alternate hairstyle28556 alternate universe10380 crossover62844 crown17431 female1379011 jewelry65437 looking at you171644 mace226 mare489688 ponytail18231 regalia20510 simple background400097 smiling253617 smiling at you4464 solo1076372 sword11789 the legend of zelda3642 transparent background205093 watermark16486 weapon30860


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@Senpai Sven Pie
Yeah, I haven't played Age of Calamity too much, but I am aiming to level up the Boulder Breaker when I can get a weapon packing that ability to improve getting weapon experience faster when fusing weapons at the blacksmith. Same for the other Champions, Impa, Zelda, Hestu, and the other playable characters.
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Background Pony #5345
I was staring at the thumbnail for like a minute wondering why Celestia is churning butter then I clicked on it and went "Oh"
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