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Got inspiration from Twitter trends… Again!
So Introducing you 90s Grunge Fluttershy!

And it was made made possible by this guys:

Calveen, OwlPirate, and Flushie
for testing and help to pointing out the mistakes i made.

And also thank you very much to JacobLHh3 from "NexGen Support" for helping creating mirrored mane and your tips!

And Silkworm from ReVAmpedCommunity for your support and tips!

Pack contains


Poster by Calveen


You can get her here:

Google Drive:

Disclaimer: [ It's for SFM users only. Idk how to port it to GM]

See ya!


P.S. A bit too late. Sorry.
safe1726573 artist:whiteskyline143 fluttershy214838 pegasus299816 pony986857 3d78063 90s grunge fluttershy108 alternate hairstyle28596 backwards ballcap899 banner2043 baseball cap2148 cannon869 cap4662 clothes467016 cute202841 daaaaaaaaaaaw4514 female1380942 gameloft4867 gameloft interpretation337 hat88311 looking at you172042 mare490735 open mouth149812 shyabetes14181 skirt40368 solo1077800 source filmmaker47317 tanktop7837 text60455


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